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  • How to Find Vehicle Recall Information

    Friday 30 September 2016

    There’s always the possibility that a vehicle will have a design and/or manufacturing problem, no matter how well made and put together it is. If the problem is serious enough the government will order that the manufacturer issues a recall notice and fixes the problem free of charge. The manufacturer will then attempt to contact everyone who has that particular kind of vehicle so they are aware of the problem. As you can no doubt imagine this is no easy feat. A product recall always affec... read more

  • Get Your Car Ready for the Fall (and Winter)

    Wednesday 28 September 2016

    It’s important that you take care of your car in October before the temperatures drop so you can avoid being caught out in the cold and stuck with an expensive emergency repair bill.  You don’t want to have your car break down in the middle of the cold winter weather. Winter makes the problems your car is having, such as hard starts and sluggish performance, that much worse. Having the car checked at the repair shop or doing all the maintenance yourself is a small investment yo... read more

  • What Are Your Brakes Trying to Tell You?

    Saturday 17 September 2016

    When your brakes start making a noise you need to listen. When your brakes work properly it keeps your car safe and easy to operate. As such the Car Care Council says you should always check your brakes if you suspect there could be a problem.  While it’s definitely a good idea to have your brakes checked once a year to keep them safe this isn’t an excuse to ignore any signs that your brakes need some tender love and care.  There are some clear warning signs that you need... read more

  • Four Signs Your Cooling System Needs Help

    Thursday 15 September 2016

    When the temperature starts going up during the summer it’s important you can tell if your cooling system needs help. A faulty cooling system is the main reason that vehicles break down during the summer. The Car Council says that the four main signs your cooling system needs help are overheating, leaks, being able to smell antifreeze and having to constantly change the coolant.  When you neglect your cooling system it could lead to major damage and could cause your engine to complet... read more

  • How to Repair Your Scratched Car Wheels

    Wednesday 14 September 2016

    Have you scratched the wheels on your car? There’s not much more frustrating as a driver. It can be hard to find information about what to do if that happens even though there are countless tips on how you can keep the paint job and interior fresh. It seems silly that’s the case given how much damage car wheels are subjected to as part of urban driving. Parallel parking and going up and down the curb can really damage the rims on your wheels. Here’s how to repair your car wheel... read more

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