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  • Keeping Your Car Running Smooth at the Right Temperature

    Sunday 09 October 2016

    Have you ever noticed that you start to slow down when the summer starts? You likely find yourself looking for some shade and a nice cool drink to get back to speed. The same thing happens to your c ar. When the engine starts running hot the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) messages the control computer in our engine to start controlling a lot of different processes including the fuel injection, ignition timing, the variable valve timing and transmission shifting. When the engine warms up it tak... read more

  • When the timing chain system gets worn down...

    Sunday 09 October 2016

    Every day millions of people wake up to the sound of ringing, buzzing or beeping; whether from an alarm clock or a smartphone. As long as we can resist the urge to hit the “Snooze” button almost everyone sets aside the time they need in the morning to shower, get dressed, and start the day off right. Over time the whole family sets into a routine and, on a good day, everyone proceeds to the right place at the right time to keep everything moving smoothly. Every so often the alarm cl... read more

  • How to Check your Fluids Levels Part Two

    Sunday 09 October 2016

    In our last post we detailed how to check 3 of the 7 fluids that you can find in your car. Now we’ll take a look at the other four; the coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid. When you check your coolant levels you need to check the coolant overflow reservoir. This reservoir has little markings on it that show you coolant levels when the engine is hot or cold. If the levels are too low you need to add more coolant to the radiator, but you should never... read more

  • How to Check Your Fluid Levels Part One

    Saturday 08 October 2016

    Did you know that your car contains seven fluids and that, in order to keep your car running safely, you need to check all of them on a regular basis? We understand the importance of checking your fluid levels so we put together this two-part series to teach you all about the different fluids and how you can check them. Part one will look at gasoline, motor oil, and brake fluid. You’ll likely learn how to check the gasoline levels of your vehicle and put more gas in within the first week... read more

  • What is a Reflash?

    Saturday 08 October 2016

    Technology these days are smarter than ever. It started with phones, then it was TVs, and now even refrigerators are “smart”. Cars are also becoming smarter. Computers these days are becoming a major feature in automobiles. Of course computers have been a part of cars for decades now, dating back to the CPU powered engine management systems (E.M.S) that became the standard in 1991. They were even in cars before then too. The CPUs in cars have always been focused on engine performance... read more

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