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  • Problems with bad wheel alignment

    Saturday 31 December 2016

    There are two main reasons that you should be concerned about your wheel alignment. They are safety and money. If your wheels aren’t aligned then it could cause them to pull to one side, often harshly. It could take just a second for you to find yourself in oncoming traffic or pulled off the road. Bad alignments also seriously damage your tires when speeding along the highway. Someone once came into Spectrum Car Center and told us that he knew his wheels weren’t properly aligned bef... read more

  • EVAP System = Built-in recycling system for your car

    Friday 30 December 2016

    The EVAP system on your car is designed to capture vapors and send them to the engine where they get burned. It’s like a built-in recycling system. An EVAP system contains a complicated series of valves, hoses, filters, and the like. An EVAP issue is one of the top five reasons that your Check Engine light will come on. With their knowledge you can count on your friendly Spectrum Car Care service advisor to be able to find out what the problem is and correct it. We have the proper equipm... read more


    Wednesday 28 December 2016

    There’s nothing more annoying than when something goes wrong and you know it could have been prevented. Here are car problems that can be prevented. Regularly Check your Tires We’ll start with the tires. A problem with your tires is often expensive and inconvenient. You’ll never be lucky enough for your tire to go flat outside the service center. Correcting a flat tire is an expensive hassle and no one wants to fail their safety inspection over a worn tire. That’s why y... read more

  • About Synthetic Oil and Your Car

    Thursday 22 December 2016

    You’ve probably heard about synthetic oil and are wondering what it is, and if it’s safe for you to use. Regular oil, which is also known as conventional oil, is a byproduct of dead dinosaurs. The molecules of regular oil are made of long hydrocarbon chains. A good way to think about it is a chain of used and new pencils. Synthetic oil is a kind of highly refined petroleum-based oil. They contain smaller molecules with less size variance, which would be closer to a chain of pencils... read more

  • 10 Automotive Maintenance Services You Shouldn’t Overlook

    Tuesday 20 December 2016

    Today we’ll be looking at automotive service schedules; in particular the often overlooked scheduled services. These are known as Unperformed Maintenance. The following is a list of the ten services you shouldn’t overlook. These are all important services that you should pay attention to. So here they are, in no particular order. Power Steering Service Have you really ever considered a power steering service? Power steering takes fluid that builds-up excess moisture and gets dirty... read more

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