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  • Dangers of DIY A/C Recharge Kits

    Wednesday 13 July 2016

    Unless you’ve been locked in your air conditioned house for the last two months, you may have noticed that summer is here in AZ and it’s the usual extreme heat. We’ve had a few customers coming to the shop since then with the worst that could happen while driving their car… the A/C is blowing hot air. So now what? You could go to your repair shop to get a proper diagnostic or you could do what some people do and try to fix it yourself by buying one of these DIY manual r... read more

  • Fixing the Dreadful Engine Light

    Friday 08 July 2016

      If you’re like me you’ve seen your share of engine light in your life. For those lucky ones who has never seen it, it’s an amber colored light that shows on your dashboard. Surprisingly the issue may be a very simple fix in newer vehicles like your gas cap not being screwed on tight enough or a worn gas cap, causing the vehicle to fail the self-diagnostic evaporative emission test. So first thing you should do is go to their gas cap and verify that it is tight. If that... read more

  • Why should I care about the EGR valve?

    Friday 08 July 2016

    How automakers have been able to consistently build more powerful engines in vehicles that get better fuel economy while at the same meeting increasing environmental standards is quite amazing. One of the little miracles that helps make this happen is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve. What does it do? The EGR valve routes some exhaust back into the air intake system in both gasoline and diesel engines. The exhaust gas takes up some space in the engine cylinders, replacing some of the ox... read more

  • Steering maintenance is pretty straight forward

    Tuesday 05 July 2016

    Steering is one of the things we take for granted when it comes to maintenance and bad things could happen fast if things break down. Let’s take a look at two areas: first, the power assist and second the actual parts that steer the vehicle. Most people under 40 have never driven a car or truck without power steering. Most vehicles today have a hydraulic power steering pump that provides boost to help you steer. The pump is usually driven by the serpentine belt, but some newer vehicles ha... read more

  • What the dealers don’t want you to know…

    Friday 01 July 2016

    Question: Can a dealer refuse to honor the warranty that came with my new car if my local repair shop does the routine maintenance or repairs? Well you may be surprised but the answer is no according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), AKA the nation’s consumer protection agency. Even more, it’s illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. So what is considered routine maintenance? Oil change... read more

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