Gilbert Battery Service

The battery in your car is the main power source of the electricity used to start the engine. The batter also provides power to the electrical parts and accessories of your car and keeps them going even when the car isn’t running. There are some components in your car, such as the engine and the starter, that need power from the battery to function properly and they are useless without the battery. The battery also keeps the voltage stabilised along the entire electrical system.

Many vehicle batteries should be replaced once every two or three years, depending on what conditions your car has to deal with. Using the accessories too much or living in a place with extreme weather can reduce the life of your car battery. As your battery begins to lose power you may need to jump-start it to get it running. If you notice that your battery is losing power then you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

If your battery dies before you can get it replaced you could be left stranded. Our Car Care team are specialised in examining batteries for faults and replacing damaged ones as and when needed. We can be trusted to service your battery and help you find a new one if your vehicle needs one.