Gilbert Exhaust Systems Repair

There’s a good chance that your car will be subjected to emissions testing if you live in a larger city. Failing this emissions test could mean having to get your exhaust system repaired or replaced. Our Car Centre team can inspect and repair the exhaust system on your car and ensure you pass the emissions test.

While the exhaust system on your car will reduce noise output it can also greatly reduce the emissions from your car. If the muffler and exhaust system are working properly then the impact your car has on the environment is significantly reduced. It also keeps your car running properly.

The exhaust system on your car is made up of several different components. The exhaust manifolds kept behind the engine collect the exhaust gasses and are connected to cylinder heads. The gas that is collected by the exhaust manifolds are analysed by oxygen sensors and are then refined through the use of catalytic convertors before being muffled through the mufflers. By the time the gas reaches the mufflers your emissions system has ensured that the car is running smoother, quieter, and cleaner.

If just one part of this delicate system is damaged then it can drastically alter the mileage of your car and the impact on the quality of the air around you. Our expert team can inspect the entire exhaust system and make any repairs needed to keep your car running clean and smooth.