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The air conditioner that you have in your car works just like your refrigerator at home. The air conditioning unit works by taking the heat from inside your car and expelling it outside.

There are six major components that go into your air conditioning unit:

  • The refrigerant that carries the heat. Most modern cars use R-134a as their refrigerant while older cars use a substance called r-12 Freon. Freon is more expensive than R-134a and is more difficult to come by.
  • The compressor unit, which compresses the refrigerant to send it through your car.
  • The condenser which converts the refrigerant into a liquid to remove heat from the car.
  • The expansion valve, which is also sometimes called an orifice tube. This nozzle releases the pressure of the refrigerant liquid, atomizes it, and controls its flow.
  • The evaporator which shifts heat to the refrigerant to keep the car cool.
  • The receiver or dryer which filters the refrigerant and oil in your car to remove contaminants and moisture.

When the air conditioning system kicks in the compressor starts things off by applying pressure to the refrigerant, which sends it to the condensing coils, which are typically at the front of the radiator of your car. The condenser pushes the hot air outside the car to keep the air within the car cool. This cools down the refrigerant so that it turns into a liquid. This liquid then moves through the expansion valve along to the evaporator.

If some part of this complex system gets damaged then your car doesn’t cool down and can get dangerously hot in the summer. Fixing your air conditioning could be as simple as replacing a valve or the refrigerant. If you notice that your air conditioning isn’t working properly then head on down to Spectrum Car Care. We’ve got trained air conditioning specialists that will be happy to inspect the entirety of your air conditioning system and tell you what, if anything, is wrong.

Air Conditioning Service

Our trained air conditioning specialists will take a look at your air conditioner, along with the A/C lines, evaporator and compressor to see if there are any leaks or faults that need to be repaired.

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