Gilbert Axle Repair and Replacement

Gilbert Axle Repair and Replacement | Spectrum Car Care

The axles on your vehicle are necessary to keep you safe while driving. They are as important as the other safety features in your car like the brakes and tires. The axles bear the burden of the entire weight of your car. They also keep the wheels connected and keep your car moving. Most cars also use the axles as an integral part of the steering system. Axles work with power steering fluid and the other components and systems in your car to help you achieve a smooth turn.

When most people imagine the axle of their car they imagine a bar that goes between two wheels, similar to the axles of wagons and trains. The axle of a car is a lot more complex than just this and you need the trained eye of a Car Care professional to assess and repair any problems.

These days cars are typically built with a split axle, which means that the wheels on either side of the axle is also attached to separate shafts. Split axles keep your ride smooth by allowing your car to support the wheels separately with suspension. The modern designs also allow room for the wheels to spin at different speeds during a turn. By doing this the split axle improves traction and keeps your tires in one piece for longer to save you time and money. This is what is known as the differential.

The axle connects to your wheels through the CV joint. This CV joint is protected by a CV joint boot. Should the boot become damaged brake fluid can leak out and cause some major problems with your axle.

If you notice that your car isn’t turning as smoothly as it used to or it isn’t stopping as quickly as it should then it could be time to have your axle repaired. Take your car along to Spectrum Car Care and let our trained experts take a look at it for you. If we feel that the axle needs to be replaced then we’ll help you get one of the best deals on a new axle and install it for you to get you back behind the wheel and on the road.

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