Gilbert Belts and Hoses Replacement

We all want a reliable car to drive, but not many people are proactive enough to practice preventive maintenance beyond the basics. Sadly like everything else, preventive maintenance costs money and nobody likes to spend money "unnecessarily." Changing the oil and filters (oil, air, gas...) every so often we can understand because oil and filters get dirty and need to be changed. But for example replacing the radiator and heater hose that have not yet failed? No way. It's usually when the coolant leaks out and the engine overheats. At that time it is tool late. 

The hardest part to understand is that most belts and hose fail from the inside out. Rubber hose deteriorates with age and exposure to heat. They are very resilient and can last 8 to 10 years with no problems, but eventually, the hose material will become hard and brittle. You can recognize tiny cracks developing in the rubber which eventually cause the hose to split, blister or leak. Another problem is that oil on the outside of coolant hose can also help accelerate the deterioration of the hose material. This can usually be seen on the outside. But what often escapes detection is what is going on inside the hose. When you come to Spectrum Car Care we make sure that we expect all of these and make the proper recommendation so that you don't get stuck somewhere.

Did you know that nearly 30% of the vehicles they are inspected have belts and/or hose that need replacing? 

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