10 Automotive Maintenance Services You Shouldn’t Overlook

Today we’ll be looking at automotive service schedules; in particular the often overlooked scheduled services. These are known as Unperformed Maintenance.

The following is a list of the ten services you shouldn’t overlook. These are all important services that you should pay attention to. So here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Power Steering Service

Have you really ever considered a power steering service? Power steering takes fluid that builds-up excess moisture and gets dirty over time. Having the power steering cleaned out removes all this dirt and stops the power steering from corroding. Check with your Service Advisor to see if it’s time you had your power steering checked out.

  1. Wheel Alignment

Your car will start to pull to one side if your wheels come out of alignment. Not only is this annoying but it’s downright dangerous and really damages your tires; leading to costly repairs. Most owner’s manuals come with the recommendation of checking your wheel alignment at least once or twice a year.

  1. Differential Service

Do you even know what a differential is? There are actually a few of them in your car. The differential is also known as the gear box and it is part of the drive-train providing your wheels with power from the engine. It’s not a service you need done all that often, but you shouldn’t just ignore your differentials. See what your Service Advisor has to say about a differential service.

  1. Cabin Air Filter

Most modern cars come with a cabin air filter that keeps the air in the passenger area clean. They remove dust and pollen and they can quickly smell bad if they aren’t cleaned out. Having your cabin air filter serviced regularly ensures the air in your car stays clean, which can keep allergies at bay.

  1. Timing Belt Replacement

Many cars, vans, and trucks come with timing belts. We’ll spare you the intricate details and just say that your car needs a timing belt to run properly. It can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your engine if it breaks on you. Look through your owner’s manual or talk to your service advisor about a timing belt replacement. If it’s been 60,000 miles since your last one then you definitely need to have it checked out.

  1. Transmission Service

Having your transmission serviced is a basic but often forgotten procedure. The transmission needs to have clean fluid so that it can run efficiently and help you avoid serious repairs. Clean transmission fluid also improves fuel economy. So have you ever considered having it done? Check with your Service Advisor to see if it’s time you had your transmission serviced.

  1. Air Conditioner Service

Many people forget their car even has an air conditioner until it stops working on them. If you’re in luck you can fix it by adding some refrigerant. If you’re out of luck then the entire system could need to be replaced, which isn’t cheap by any means. Having your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis keeps refrigerant levels up to clean, cool, and lubricate the air conditioner system and condition the seals.

  1. Brake Service

By brake service we don’t mean when your brakes grind and squeak. We mean brake fluid. Brake fluid gets watered down over time and it makes your brakes less effective. It can become a serious and dangerous issue. Water will also rust your brakes and cause them to fail completely. Get recommendations about a brake service from your Service Advisor.

  1. Coolant System

The coolant system is another one of those things people forget about. If you don’t regularly change the antifreeze then it can become corrosive. There are additives in fresh coolant to keep it balanced on the pH scale. These additives will wear out over time and cause the radiator fluid to become acidic and corrosive. It will actually eat into the hoses and radiator, which leaves you stranded.

  1. Fuel System Cleaning

When you consider the price of fuel it’s never been more important to clean the fuel system. Fuel can gum up many parts of your car as it makes its way from the gas tank to the engine. Getting your fuel system cleaned will ensure the gas going to your engine is clean. The fuel injectors can also become clogged over time and need regular cleaning. You can save a lot of money and fuel and make it last longer by having your fuel system cleaned regularly, so check with your Service Advisor to see about a fuel system cleaning.

And there it is; our top 10 list of services you can’t afford to forget about. A recent study actually showed that around 90% of vehicles currently on the road need to have at least one of these scheduled maintenance services performed. It’s no surprise given how busy everyone is these days, but that doesn’t make it right. 

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