5 Ways to Protect Your Car This Summer

When summer comes around, it's time to enjoy the outdoors in your car. However, the scorching heat of summer can cause damage to your vehicle, affecting its overall performance. But not to worry. Below are five measures to protect your car from the heat.

5 Ways to Protect Your Car This Summer

The summer's heat can take a toll on your car, affecting its performance. However, you can protect your car from the heat this season with the following measures.

  • Park Smartly

Ensure you leave your car under a shade to reduce the heat absorbed. If you cannot access covered parking areas, such as garages or carports, you may have to consider using a windshield sunshade.

  • Protect the Interior

Investing in a car cover or window shade can shield your car from direct sunlight. You can go to the extent of getting dashboard covers and seat covers to help keep the cabin cooler.

  • Maintain Fluid Levels

Another critical point is to ensure the car's systems are cooling adequately. Before hitting the road, check engine coolant, motor oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid to ensure they are all on the required level. This will be crucial in keeping your vehicle running smoothly despite the heat.

  • Inspect the Cooling System

Inspect the radiator, coolant levels and hoses for signs of leaks or wear. If necessary, you can contact an auto repair shop to have a professional make sure the engine does not overheat as you embark on your adventures.

  • Care For Your Tires

As the pavements become hotter, the high temperatures can cause tire pressure to increase. So you must check the tire pressure regularly to ensure it's within the recommended levels. Besides enhancing your safety, caring for your tires improves fuel efficiency and extends tire life, ultimately saving you money.

Scheduling for Comprehensive Inspection

Most importantly, have your car inspected by professionals to ensure everything is in order before planning summer adventures. Therefore, besides taking the above steps to protect your car from summer's heat, bring your vehicle to Spectrum Car Care today! We will do our best to fend you from Arizona's 100+ degree weather.


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