There’s nothing more annoying than when something goes wrong and you know it could have been prevented. Here are car problems that can be prevented.

Regularly Check your Tires

We’ll start with the tires. A problem with your tires is often expensive and inconvenient. You’ll never be lucky enough for your tire to go flat outside the service center. Correcting a flat tire is an expensive hassle and no one wants to fail their safety inspection over a worn tire. That’s why you need to get your tires checked at least once a month. Check that they have the right amount of air pressure and keep an eye out for the signs of wear and tire. Having your tires rotated and aligned will make them live longer too. And it goes without saying that you should have tires replaced before they can become unsafe.

Check Your Battery Every  Year

After the tires comes the battery. Just knowing the age of your battery helps avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery. Car batteries last an average of four years in colder climate but 3 in AZ. Any time after that is just borrowed. It’s recommended by experts that your battery should be replaced every five years as part of routine maintenance rather than just waiting for it to die. If you think or know your battery has been around for more than three years then we’ll give it a health check.

Fix you Chipped Windshield

Finally it’s time we addressed your chipped windshield. If the chip is small enough then it could be stabilised and repaired, but if you don’t address the problem a chip becomes a crack. These cracks can impair your vision and can cause you to fail a safety inspection or receive a ticket. Having the chip repaired is a lot cheaper than having to replace the entire windshield. 

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