Dashboard Warning Light - Part 2

We wrote a blog a few weeks back about the vehicle dashboard warning light and since then I came across a great site that explains what they all mean (there's a few that I didn't even know that they exited).  Click HERE to review them. You can also make a game out of it by answering what each of them are doing!

And for those of you that have a warning light that just won’t go away just come over the shop and we'll let you know what's going. We'll plug our scanner and we'll get to the root of the problem. The nice thing about this is that newer cars save all the "bad codes" and we're able to retrieve them and a certified ASE technician can analyze them better than anyone else.  If it's usually pretty straight forward it's free of charge but be aware that sometimes there's a need to investigate further and if it's the case there's usually a diagnostics fee involved. From there we can figure out what's going on pretty quickly usually. We know what that light means, and we think you deserve to know as well.


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