EVAP System = Built-in recycling system for your car

The EVAP system on your car is designed to capture vapors and send them to the engine where they get burned. It’s like a built-in recycling system.

An EVAP system contains a complicated series of valves, hoses, filters, and the like. An EVAP issue is one of the top five reasons that your Check Engine light will come on. With their knowledge you can count on your friendly Spectrum Car Care service advisor to be able to find out what the problem is and correct it.

We have the proper equipment to test the valves and find out where a blockage is. Leaks can be detected through a low pressure smoke test. After finding the fault it’s easy to repair the EVAP system to get it up and running and turn off your Check Engine light.

While a damaged EVAP won’t necessarily damage your car, other more serious problems could be hidden by the triggered Check Engine Light. There are many reasons that the light could come on, but just one light. If it is an EVAP issue that caused the light to come on in the first place, but a more serious issue comes along, you would have no idea.

There is also the problem that some jurisdictions require you to pass an emissions test to register a vehicle. You can’t pass this test with a damaged EVAP system. A problem with the EVAP system could be caused by something as simple as a worn or loose gas cap or it could be a leak in the hose. It could also be a problem with the purge valve or a fuel filter pipe getting rusty.

When you notice that the Check Engine Light has come on you should take your car to the nearest Spectrum Car Care and have it looked at. Your service advisor can diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. Understanding the problem and having it fixed brings people real peace of mind. 

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