How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

Your vehicle has wide-ranging components and systems to help make the drive smoother and safer, and one of them is its suspension. It typically consists of shock absorbers and struts. Modern cars have struts in the front and shocks at the rear, while older vehicles have shocks at both the front and back. While both serve similar functions, they're different parts that can't be used interchangeably.

Here's a look at what shock absorbers are, how long they should last, and signs that show they may need replacing.

What are Shocks?

Shock absorbers help keep your vehicle's tires on the tarmac. They're individual components of the suspension system. They comprise a piston attached to the end of a rod inside a pressure tube. The rod acts against hydraulic fluid inside the pressure tube as the car's suspension moves up and down. The action slows down the movement of the piston, consequently slowing down spring movement.

How Long Do Shocks Last?

Car repair experts claim that shock absorbers should remain operationally efficient for about four or five years. However, this will depend on how and where you drive your car. If you're used to driving on rough terrain, the shock may wear and tear much faster. On the other hand, the life expectancy may increase to almost 10 years if you usually drive your vehicle on smooth pavements. As a general rule of thumb, car service professionals recommend replacing the shocks after the 50,000-mile mark.

Signs Your Vehicle's Shocks Need Replacing

Your car's shock absorbers are vital in ensuring its stability while on the road. That's why you should know signs that show they may be failing or worn out. If your vehicle's shocks are failing, you'll notice knocking from the rear suspension, more bounce on the rear end and jarring on rough roads. It may also take longer for your car to stop, sometimes requiring you up to 20 percent more distance, which could increase the chances of a collision.

Shocks are vital in ensuring the safety of your car. Therefore, if you need shock absorber replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Spectrum Car Care today.

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