Keeping Your Car Running Smooth at the Right Temperature

Have you ever noticed that you start to slow down when the summer starts? You likely find yourself looking for some shade and a nice cool drink to get back to speed. The same thing happens to your c

ar. When the engine starts running hot the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) messages the control computer in our engine to start controlling a lot of different processes including the fuel injection, ignition timing, the variable valve timing and transmission shifting. When the engine warms up it takes different timings and a different mix of fuel to keep going properly.

Unfortunately even coolant temperature sensors succumb to time and begin to stop working properly as time goes on. Having the CTS replaced is one of the most common vehicle repairs that there is. It’s also really simple and inexpensive to have done. If you notice that your car is using more fuel than usual, you have trouble starting it, or the exhaust pipe is emitting black smoke then you could have a bad sensor. A faulty sensor is also one of the reasons for an overactive check engine light. The sensor typically fails as a result of corrosion within the cooling system so we recommend you bring your car in to have your CTS diagnosed and repaired.

We’ll take a look at your car and be able to tell you if you should have the CTS replaced or not. Our certified mechanics can also take a look at the cooling system to make sure that it doesn’t need to repaired. If you’re having your engine rebuilt or replaced then we recommend having the CTS replaced as well so there are no engine issues.

Getting the CTS replaced might be a quick and small job but it’s one that goes a long way in terms of fuel economy and saving you time and money in the future. 

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