No Child Left Behind- Innovation in Child Seat

The Evenflo Sensorsafe Car Seat is something great for parents who are afraid to leave their little ones in their car. We all know how critical it is to leave anyone in a non-running car even for a few minutes here in AZ so this is a very good product. This is from Consumer Reports:

Here's how it works:

The SensorSafe chest clip works in conjunction with a receiver connected to your car’s onboard diagnostics port.  Evenflo claims that when a child is secured in the seat, the SensorSafe technology will alert the driver with gentle chimes in one of two scenarios:

  • Upon turning off the ignition at the end of a trip, or
  • If the chest clip is unclipped during a trip

To ensure this technology will work for you, you need to be aware:

  • It only works with Evenflo Embrace infant seats with weight capacity greater than 30 pounds,
  • Your vehicle must be model year 2008 or newer,
  • If you have a hybrid or stop/start vehicle you will need a specific receiver plug,
  • It activates after at least 30 seconds of driving at 5 mph or more; and
  • It monitors the presence of the child in the seat, but not the temperature inside the car.

Here's another LINK for the product and more explanations.

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