Problems with bad wheel alignment

There are two main reasons that you should be concerned about your wheel alignment. They are safety and money. If your wheels aren’t aligned then it could cause them to pull to one side, often harshly. It could take just a second for you to find yourself in oncoming traffic or pulled off the road. Bad alignments also seriously damage your tires when speeding along the highway.

Someone once came into Spectrum Car Center and told us that he knew his wheels weren’t properly aligned before taking a family vacation, but he felt the problem wasn’t serious enough to be addressed before leaving. A few days and a thousand miles later and there was nothing left of his front tires. He lost half a day of his vacation finding a town with a service station that could replace his tires.


The wheels of your car need to be in perfect alignment all pointing in the same direction. Every so often your wheels will go out of alignment and pull against the other wheels. It can destroy your tires and also reduces fuel economy.

One aspect of the Spectrum Car Center wheel alignment service is inspecting the steering and suspension. There’s a chance that other important parts of your car could have been damaged by the thing that knocked your wheels out of alignment. That’s why we ensure any broken or bent parts are replaced. This process will correct the alignment of the wheels along the toe, camber, and caster ax

es, as well as aligning them from the front to the rear.

Check your owner’s manual to see if there is a recommendation on how often you should check the wheel alignment. If you can’t find one then just ask a service advisor at your local Spectrum Car Care. Here are some of the signs that you should have the wheel alignment on your car checked out: you notice the vehicle pulls to one side; the steering wheel isn’t centered; the car vibrates when you go too quickly; and there is wear and tear on the tires. 

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