The Multiple Reasons you Need a Multi-Point Inspection

Your car is always going to take a beating unless you keep it stored in a climate-controlled garage and under glass. Everything wears down your auto including the weather, the road, and good old fashioned Father Time. All this wear and tear builds up and damages the car.

This is why you need to have a multi-point inspection done to your vehicle. These give you the best method of keeping track of every system on your vehicle and assessing how much maintenance, if any, needs to be done before the problem can become a real issue. You might not remember that time the curb jumped out of you “once” but your car can remember in the form of a worn tire or damaged suspension. These are the kind of problems that a multi-point inspection can uncover.

So just what is a multi-point inspection? It’s when all of the essential pieces of your car are inspected. This includes the fluids, the air filters, the brake pads, the batter, and the tires; including a pressure and tread depth check. If there’s a problem with one part of the car it could be a sign of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed elsewhere. When you come to our shop for an oil change we always make sure that this is done and the best part it comes at no extra cost with the service!

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