What is a Reflash?

Technology these days are smarter than ever. It started with phones, then it was TVs, and now even refrigerators are “smart”. Cars are also becoming smarter. Computers these days are becoming a major feature in automobiles. Of course computers have been a part of cars for decades now, dating back to the CPU powered engine management systems (E.M.S) that became the standard in 1991. They were even in cars before then too. The CPUs in cars have always been focused on engine performance tasks and are used to regulate the air-fuel mixture, the ignition timing, idle speed and transmission shift points. Like every other kind of computer in the world these computers need to be upgraded from time to time.

When a car is brand new the CPU is programmed to handle a brand new engine. Unfortunately your car engine doesn’t perform the same way it did after 100k miles. This is when you should consider having a reflash performed. A reflash is basically when the software of your car is upgraded. We get all the information we need on software upgrades from the manufacturer in the form of technical service bulletins.

A reflash could be the answer to problems involving an overachieving check engine light. Remember that the software installed at the factory is for a brand new engine and it can’t compensate for the changes brought about by using the car as much as you have. A good reflash might be just what the doctor (or mechanic in this case) ordered.

A reflash might also be needed for your car’s computers because there is a bug in the software. As computers control more and more of your car there’s more and more of a chance for something to go wrong. This is where NAPA AutoCare can step in and give you a hand. We’ve got the specialised tools and the right databse to find out if your car needs a reflash to get back on its feet. Or wheels in this case. 

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