What is the manufacturer recommended service schedule - Auto Repair Gilbert

We received an email from a customer asking us about auto service intervals for their car. The simplest explanation is that you should look through the owner’s manual (you can find those online also) to find recommended service intervals. Even better just call us and we'll tell you. We have specialized software for all makers and brands.

There was once a time when there were general rules for every vehicle. Look at oil changes for example. The recommended interval between oil changes can range from between 3,000-15,000 miles. This is a huge range and the exact distance depends on the design of the engine and the oil type. That’s why you should follow the recommendations for your vehicle. Here are some recommendations:

Usual services include:

Wheel balancing, tire rotation, coolant service, oil change, brake system, transmission service, fuel system, power steering system, transfer case service, and differential service.

Usual inspections Include:

Air conditioning, alignment check, suspension, exhaust, axles, tires, belts and hoses, lights emissions, and steering. 

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