What You Need to Do After Buying a New Car

While a used car will be brand new to you it was used by someone else before and there are many different reasons that people sell their cars. Some people sell their car because they want to get a new one, while others sell because they really want to get rid of their old one. For some people it’s a bit of both. The important thing is that you need to know what you’re getting.

If a used car has a low mileage then it’s often a lease return, a corporate car, or a former rental car. If the car is so new that it still has its warranty and between 25-35k miles then this is a good sign. Even so, you still need to know how well the car was maintained.

If you’re going to be sticking with a car for the long haul then you need to keep up with the maintenance so that you aren’t left paying for expensive repairs down the line. But if someone knew that they would only have the car for a few years they won’t be so interested in maintaining it. Most people can tell themselves that skipping an oil change once or twice won’t do a lot of damage but they would be wrong. Unfortunately by the time the engine becomes a problem it’s your problem.

If your new used car doesn’t have maintenance records then you should assume the worst. There’s a good chance that the coolant system and the transmission have never been serviced, the cabin air filter has never been changed, and you may need to have your fuel system cleaned.

Bring your new used car along to a NAPA AutoCare Center and let us take a look at the air conditioning, battery, engine air filter, serpentine belt and hoses. You should also get the timing belt checked because this can be very expensive to replace. Inspections are always worth the cost, especially with a used car where it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

If your used car has some miles on it then it’s even more important that you get it checked out. Take a look at the owner’s manual or have a chat with your friendly AutoCare service advisor about the kind of work you need to have done. The service provider will help you understand what needs to be done and the order it should be done in. Don’t forget to keep hold of your own repair and maintenance records as they are necessary when selling a car!


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