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Engine oil is what keeps your car engine lubricated which keeps it running smoother for longer. As a car owner it is your job to maintain the engine of your car by changing the oil and using the oil necessary for your make and model. Each car comes with a “check oil” light and an oil filter under the hood. These two components allow you to check and maintain your oil levels without needing to call in a mechanic.

Changing the Oil

To keep your car maintained you need to change the oil on a regular basis. How often the oil needs to be changed is a topic that is hotly debated among experts. The Engine Oil Bible continues to preach that you can never change your oil too much, but Nordic Group suggest that thanks to detergent oils and multi-weight oils you can take your car 6,000 miles before you need to change the oil. Of course the best thing for you to do is actually just check the owner’s manual and see what the manufacturer recommends.

One of the most obvious benefits to changing the oil yourself is to save money but many oil changing services come with frequent bargains. If you see that the “check engine oil” light shows up while you’re driving then your car is likely running low on oil. There’s no need to call a mechanic to add oil, but if you’ve added oil and the light won’t go away then you should get a mechanic to look at the car.

When you bring in your car for an oil check we’ll also check several other things free of charge to ensure your car runs safe and smooth. We’ll check; the wipers, materials, air filter, cabin filter, lighting exterior, drive belts and hoses, the battery, the condition of the tires, the front and rear suspension, the steering, checking for fluid leaks, checking the condition of your fluids, drive train, shocks and struts, and the brakes. Finally we’ll also check the fuel lines and filter.

Spectrum Summer Special - $245.00
Your car is in great hands performing this summer special. We will change the engine oil and oil filter (Castrol Synthetic Blend up to 5 quarts $55.00 ... [More] value). Perform an air conditioning recharge so your vehicle stays blowing colder in the Arizona summer temps. (R134 Systems only $130.00 value) Change both the cabin air filter and the engine air filters ($75.00 Value) A fuel additive is also included to help your gas get the best gas mileage possible ($25.00 value) We will also perform a digital inspection that will be sent directly to your phone via text. **Certain restrictions apply. Cannot combine with other offers or coupons. Filters and oil quantity may change based on vehicle. Taxes and shop supplies are additional** ... [Hide]
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