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Great Promo Video about a Guy and a Car (not what you think)

Our New Promo Video! Here's our latest creation, we'll have  few more coming in the following weeks. Hope you enjoy it and share it with friends and relatives. Feedback is always appreciated

Watch Our New Promo Video!

Our New Promo Video! Here's our latest creation, we'll have  few more coming in the following weeks. Hope you enjoy it and share it with friends and relatives. Feedback is always appreciated.  

What is the manufacturer recommended service schedule - Auto Repair Gilbert

We received an email from a customer asking us about auto service intervals for their car. The simplest explanation is that you should look through the owner’s manual (you can find those online also) to find recommended service intervals. Even better just call us and we'll tell you. We have specialized software for all makers and brands. There was once a time when there were general rules for every vehicle. Look at oil changes for example. The recommended interval between oil changes can range from between 3,000-15,000 miles. This is a huge range and the exact distance depends on the design of the engine and the oil type. That’s why you should follow the recommendations for your vehicle. Here are some recommendations: Usual services include: Wheel balancing, tire rotation, coolant service, oil change, brake system, transmission service, fuel system, power steering system, transfer case service, and differential service. Usual ... read more

Top Four New Year’s Resolutions for Car Owners

Top Four New Year’s Resolutions for Car Owners

As a car owner it can be all too easy to overlook the small responsibilities that come with looking after your car. That’s why we put together this list of new year’s resolutions for car owners to get you through the new year and beyond. It should be fun to own a car, after all. Two Checkups this Year The first resolution is to make sure that he car gets at least two checkups with a mechanic this year, and that you know the maintenance history of your car. No matter how well you think you know the vehicle, a good and well-trained mechanic is able to spot a problem that you might have missed. It might sound a little obsessive to have the car checked by a good mechanic twice a year, but having preventative maintenance performed by a qualified professional is essentially cheap car insurance. Ensure you keep all documentation as well, as having all of the service records for your car makes it much easier to sell it. All of this can be done through ... read more

The thing that keeps your wheels spinning...

Chances are you’ve never really thought about your wheel bearings much while you’ve been driving around. The wheel bearings are what allows your wheels to keep spinning. They need to be as tough as possible to bear the entire weight of the vehicle. Your wheel bearings could last up to and over 100,000 kilometers or 60,000 miles. However they will eventually wear out and should be replaced. The first sign of trouble is when your wheels groan. It could go away when you reach a certain speed then come back. Your Spectrum Car Center service technical will be able to analyse your bearings by wiggling the wheel. When the bearings are good the tire won’t move across the vertical axis when you hold the top and bottom of it. Many modern vehicles have a kind of wheel bearing that can’t be serviced here at Spectrum Car Care. If we run into bad bearings then we’ll just take out and replace everything in the wheel bearing assembly. If we can access your wheel bearin ... read more

Finding a Car Repair Shop in Gilbert you can Trust

Finding a Car Repair Shop in Gilbert you can Trust

The latest survey from AAA suggests that two-thirds of US drivers don’t trust their auto repair shop. They feel that they recommend unnecessary services, overcharge for them, and deliver a bad experience and shoddy work. All of which leads to a lack of confidence. The survey also showed that 64% of drivers were singling out a particular auto repair shop that they didn’t trust, which would suggest that they value finding a trustworthy mechanic in an industry that comes with a lack of trust. It can be stressful to have your vehicle repaired and maintained and the best way to reduce this stress is to find a repair shop that you can really trust. Unfortunately around a third of American drivers don’t have a repair facility that they can trust and are left in the cold if something goes wrong. Given how much data on vehicle health the modern car collects it’s never been so important to have a trusted repair facility. These “connected cars” that come wi ... read more

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